Yin yoga together with inspired poetry and ambient music create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and contemplation.
Introduction to the Class

This is a slow class to dive into your yoga for release and insight, and to savor the moment with beautiful sounds and timeless wisdom.

The postures are held for longer periods, moving slowly with periods of rest between. The benefits of this style of practice work more with the connective tissue and ligaments, rather than the soft muscles, and have a gently stimulating effect on the energy channels, or meridians. Staying longer in each posture gives space to meet with your experience in new ways, and let go of deeper layers of holding in both the body and mind.

Poetry and readings carefully selected from themes of yoga philosophy give us the opportunity to reflect on their meaning in our own practice. The class ends with some restorative postures and a long relaxation.

Yin Yoga

16:45- 18:00

Oslo Yoga