Mindful yoga is a gentle and therapeutic yoga form inspired by modern mindfulness-based stress reduction, and can be practiced by everyone.
Introduction to the Class

Therapeutic / Mindful Yoga is a mild and therapeutic yoga form, inspired by modern mindfulness-based stress reduction. Therapy / Mindful Yoga can be practiced by everyone and is a yoga that combines a soft dynamic flow of positions with periods where we hold positions longer, some rest positions and breathing techniques. This is an effective way to relieve stress or excitement, relax, and get your body in balance. Mindfulness brings us into the present and out of our heads. There we meet our experiences in a new and healthy way; Learn to be guided from the inside and to conscious our natural boundaries. Therapeutic / Mindful Yoga is based on modern yoga research, and includes elements of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and somatic-based exercise therapies. Attention is given to the principles of safe adjustment, proper support or modification of the positions. Classes begin and end with relaxation.

Therapeutic Yoga

9:00- 10:30

Yogahuset, Nesodden